My Backyard Zen


After years of trying various feeders and birdseed, this year I finally found the perfect mix that has attracted the beautiful song birds that I’ve been hoping for!  There are various species of tiny birds in our neighbourhood, and this feeder seems to have attracted many of them.  Each day, the girls and I excitedly look out to see which ones are there.   Selena talks and sings to the birds, and even read them a story the other day.  Selena inherited my love for all things living.  She’s got a huge heart!  Amongst her high-energy, she finds her calm when surrounded by animals and now the birds xoxo


Can you guess what my favourite colour is…?!


Mavie likes to supervise while mommy gardens xo

2017-05-13 07.52.18

A quote that I thought was perfect

Our new birdie friends!


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