Mother's Day Weekend

This year we had an eventful Mother's Day weekend!  The girls finished up their competition season at their last comp here in Guelph at the Delta and both did amazing!  Selena's team won second overall 12 and under precompetitive category, and Annika placed second in her solo.  Her teacher added an extra trick to her leg lift, and a double pirouette!  Annika stumbled back in her double but somehow didn't miss a beat or drop her face.  She's a true performer, that one! We're so proud of both our girls' accomplishments. 

With Annika being in grade 3 this year, she was able to finally participate in track and field!  Her meet was Friday, which was also the first day of comp!  We rushed to track after her three dances on Friday morning.  She was able to make the 200 meter, long jump, 400 meter and 800 meter!  The grade 3s are against the grade 4s, but Annika managed to place 6th in the 800 meter!!  We're so proud of her.  Looks like we might have a little runner among us!  I can't wait to see Selena compete in a couple years... we have people telling us all the time how fast she is!  The two of them have some running genes that are coming to light.

I can't list the number of things that makes being a mommy the best thing in the world, but I can say that watching our girls grow and succeed and reach their potential is the most gratifying thing as a parent.  Their love for sport and for team work is so exciting to see.  I look forward to all the years ahead of us, seeing them grow and find their interests.  We're so excited to support them wherever their lives take them xoxo

From this....! this, in 30 minutes!

Unbelievable energy and drive in this one!

Getting our backyard summer-ready!  

Accepting their 2nd place overall win!

Big congrats from the big kids!  So much team spirit!

Among our crazy schedule, we made sure to have a little down time to celebrate mom/nana!

In the wings, minutes before performing her jazz solo one final time

Might have to frame this one!  Her presence is undeniable

Look at that smile!

So proud of this little one!

My mom spent her Mother's Day with the girls and I at the Delta.  We didn't get home until after 8 p.m.  This is us eating dinner on the floor in the lobby... I will always be so thankful for the support that my mom has always given me.


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