Rhythm Dance Competition–Waterloo


The girls have their first of four competitions under their belts!  This competition is considered the smallest of the four the studio has entered.  The next two are in Toronto, and the last is a hometown one – here in Guelph at the Delta!

Selena’s group won their division and



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Big sister’s support!

2017-03-31 14.39.162017-03-31 17.00.082017-03-31 12.17.502017-03-31 18.21.54

Annika was so excited for Selena that she made her a “good luck” card xo


2017-03-31 20.46.58

I taught myself how to French braid a couple years back, and it’s coming in handy this year!  Annika’s solo teacher wanted her hair in braids this year!

2017-04-01 09.19.23

Annika’s first dance was her solo!  She scored 89.97 - just .50 points behind 3rd place – 6 total girls performed in her category.  No bad for her first go at a solo!

2017-04-01 10.43.24

All set for her jazz!

2017-04-01 11.54.51

Production up next! Willy Wonka theme this year! (note a third hair change…)

2017-04-01 11.55.002017-04-01 13.23.42

Shopkins for tap!

2017-04-01 14.58.47

Small jazz group “Boys Don’t Cry”

2017-04-01 14.45.102017-04-01 14.57.57

Nana and papa wouldn’t miss it for the world – Travelling to Waterloo both Friday and Saturday to watch their girls!

2017-04-01 16.11.322017-04-02 08.21.33

Last but not least, hip hop!


Stay tuned for the professional stage shots I’ll post later this week!


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