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2017-04-19 16.57.44

David’s training again, and joining LPC’s weekly workouts.  Look out triathlon!

2017-04-20 19.55.03

I’ve been so excited about our Magnolia tree.  This year, we finally got a full bloom!  In the past couple of years  we’ve lost many of of the blooms to the wonky March weather.  It got really warm to early, and then got cold again for too long, and many of the blooms were lost.  But, this year was the perfect mix of spring weather!  Also see our little bunny friend who visits us daily xo


2017-04-16 13.36.122017-04-23 08.30.19


2017-04-23 13.01.50

Selena’s had lots of fun at the birthday parties she’s been invited to, this one she got a beautiful face paint with jewels, at her dance friend, Jaydn’s party.

2017-04-27 08.30.59

Excited about a new pattern I found and reflective yarn.  Selena’s showing off her new headband, and Annika’s fishtail reflective headband is in the making!

2017-04-27 08.46.31

This little one completed her second book report of the year, this time with her fiction book, Olympia the Games Fairy – a favourite book in this house!

2017-01-31 08.49.37

This was her book report done back in January for a non-fiction book, she chose “Ballet School”… of course!


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