Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kick It Up Dance Competition

Of all three competitions this year, this weekend, by far, has been the best.  The girls and their teams danced better than we’ve ever seen.  Their precision, their drive, their performances, and their stage presence was off the charts.

Knowing how hard these girls work, week after week, class after class, correction after correction -  when a parent sees their child execute something they’ve been working so hard and so passionately at, it’s like no other feeling in the word.  Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.  Annika accepted a very special, standout judge’s award, called “Sweetheart Award.”  Out of 100 dances, 8 different dances schools throughout the GTA and beyond, Annika was singled out.  It was so special to see.  Not only that, Annika won her solo division and ranked 4th Overall Novice Soloist, out of all the solos ages 10 and under.

On top of that, Selena’s jazz group today scored their highest ever score, a Platinum (score of between 91-94%).

To top off all of these personal awards, Emotion Dance Company won 1st Place OVERALL STUDIO!  To win this, the judges add up a certain percentage of the highest scores each studio gets, and whoever has scored highest, wins.

It’s hard to put into words how happy and proud James and I are.  Our girls work so hard, and to see that awarded in this way is the best feeling in the world!

To add to the dance excitement this weekend, we all had the privilege of staying at Nissim and Anat’s brand new condo in North York!  They moved in in December, and we’ve all been eagerly awaiting this weekend visit.  A fantastic, 6 course kosher meal greeted us, open-armed and so hospitable.  Couldn’t ask for two better friends than those two xo


2017-04-29 11.04.41

Huge special thanks to this girl – Ms. Liz has worked hard with Annika to perfect her dancing.  It has truly shown.  Annika has a special gift on stage, and her teachers know how to bring the best out of Annika!

2017-04-29 14.36.01

Accepting her special Sweetheart Award from the mascot!

2017-04-29 18.06.25

Showing off her hardware (first ever trophy!) For Overall 4th Soloist

2017-04-30 09.59.18

Selena after her jazz performance

2017-04-30 11.43.48

Showing off her Platinium ribbon and the special stuffy that the mascot handed to her xo

2017-04-30 11.09.31

Annika was chosen, during adjudication, to play a game….

2017-04-30 11.11.36

…. and she and Nadia won!


Spectacular weekend – confirming that we’re on the right path - the time, the effort, the money, the stress, the worry – it’s all worth it when you witness a weekend like this! xo

Friday, April 28, 2017

Recent Stuff

2017-04-19 16.57.44

David’s training again, and joining LPC’s weekly workouts.  Look out triathlon!

2017-04-20 19.55.03

I’ve been so excited about our Magnolia tree.  This year, we finally got a full bloom!  In the past couple of years  we’ve lost many of of the blooms to the wonky March weather.  It got really warm to early, and then got cold again for too long, and many of the blooms were lost.  But, this year was the perfect mix of spring weather!  Also see our little bunny friend who visits us daily xo


2017-04-16 13.36.122017-04-23 08.30.19


2017-04-23 13.01.50

Selena’s had lots of fun at the birthday parties she’s been invited to, this one she got a beautiful face paint with jewels, at her dance friend, Jaydn’s party.

2017-04-27 08.30.59

Excited about a new pattern I found and reflective yarn.  Selena’s showing off her new headband, and Annika’s fishtail reflective headband is in the making!

2017-04-27 08.46.31

This little one completed her second book report of the year, this time with her fiction book, Olympia the Games Fairy – a favourite book in this house!

2017-01-31 08.49.37

This was her book report done back in January for a non-fiction book, she chose “Ballet School”… of course!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Annika Name Day!

In keeping with our family tradition to celebrate nana-in-the-sun’s name day, Elena Day, I thought I’d look into our name days and celebrate along with Elena.  According to the Swedish background of Annika’s  name, it just so happens that April 21 is Annika Day! (exactly one month before Elena Day!!)

We’re taking our little beauty out tonight to celebrating in style at one of her favourite places the trampoline park! 

We love our awesomely sweet, kind, caring, loving, smart, fun, hard-working Annika!


We’re so lucky to have you in our lives, Annika xo

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend!

The girls had a little Easter egg hunt with cousin Levi on Friday, then adventures took them to the cottage with daddy.  This was the very last visit to the cottage.  The new owners move in at the start of May.  We’ll be back to visit the area and the beach soon, but it was a bittersweet visit for James.  The Easter bunny brought goodies for the girls to the cottage and back home!  What a big weekend!


Excited to start the hunt!


so much fun seeing their excitement!


Levi trying to keep up


So proud!


Little bit excited for her new bunny!


My Magnolia has never been so pretty!


Spring photo op!


How mavie feels about spring…!

2017-04-14 09.49.03

All ready for Easter service at the church with papa and nana

2017-04-14 13.08.042017-04-14 13.08.07

While mommy got the craft station set up!

2017-04-14 18.43.04

When you can share your shoes with your 8-year-old niece! (annika’s foot against aunt Jenn’s foot!)

2017-04-14 12.34.47

Always fresh tulips in this house in spring!

2017-04-09 12.18.39

first blooms in our garden

2017-04-16 08.49.10

Our bunny came out Easter morning, perfect timing little guy!

2017-04-16 13.36.122017-04-16 13.36.162017-04-16 13.38.41

our little bird house for our little friends

2017-04-17 17.09.22

Uncle Rob got mommy a thuggie sweatshirt for her birthday, and Selena has been asking for one ever since… look what she got for Easter!

2017-04-17 19.37.14

Easter selfies with my beauties!

2017-04-17 19.38.35