Friday, April 21, 2017

Annika Name Day!

In keeping with our family tradition to celebrate nana-in-the-sun’s name day, Elena Day, I thought I’d look into our name days and celebrate along with Elena.  According to the Swedish background of Annika’s  name, it just so happens that April 21 is Annika Day! (exactly one month before Elena Day!!)

We’re taking our little beauty out tonight to celebrating in style at one of her favourite places the trampoline park! 

We love our awesomely sweet, kind, caring, loving, smart, fun, hard-working Annika!


We’re so lucky to have you in our lives, Annika xo

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend!

The girls had a little Easter egg hunt with cousin Levi on Friday, then adventures took them to the cottage with daddy.  This was the very last visit to the cottage.  The new owners move in at the start of May.  We’ll be back to visit the area and the beach soon, but it was a bittersweet visit for James.  The Easter bunny brought goodies for the girls to the cottage and back home!  What a big weekend!


Excited to start the hunt!


so much fun seeing their excitement!


Levi trying to keep up


So proud!


Little bit excited for her new bunny!


My Magnolia has never been so pretty!


Spring photo op!


How mavie feels about spring…!

2017-04-14 09.49.03

All ready for Easter service at the church with papa and nana

2017-04-14 13.08.042017-04-14 13.08.07

While mommy got the craft station set up!

2017-04-14 18.43.04

When you can share your shoes with your 8-year-old niece! (annika’s foot against aunt Jenn’s foot!)

2017-04-14 12.34.47

Always fresh tulips in this house in spring!

2017-04-09 12.18.39

first blooms in our garden

2017-04-16 08.49.10

Our bunny came out Easter morning, perfect timing little guy!

2017-04-16 13.36.122017-04-16 13.36.162017-04-16 13.38.41

our little bird house for our little friends

2017-04-17 17.09.22

Uncle Rob got mommy a thuggie sweatshirt for her birthday, and Selena has been asking for one ever since… look what she got for Easter!

2017-04-17 19.37.14

Easter selfies with my beauties!

2017-04-17 19.38.35

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dance Photos

I finally had a chance to go through the 100s of photos from the girls’ first dance competition.  Here are a few of my favourites!