Interesting week

Well…. wish I could say we all had a wonderful week back to normalcy after the fun times during the March Break.  But… that was not exactly the case.

I noticed soon after our return that Mavie was drinking a lot of water, gulping it down.  By the second day, I decided to call the vet.  After numerous blood tests and blood counts, Mavie was diagnosed with diabetes.  Thank goodness my instincts were on point, as this is not a diagnosis you want to let slide.  Mavie’s blood sugar was 30!  That’s high enough to affect vital organs.  His kidney functions came back normal, but his liver enzymes were high.  Insulin was started the next day, and James and my mom came along to learn the injection technique.  Mavie’s vet is fantastic and made us all feel comfortable.  Mavie is now on insulin injections twice a day for the rest of his life.  We caught it very early, so there should be minimal effects, and this should not in any way shorten his life (thank Goodness!)

So, add nurse to my ever-growing list of jobs.  Being a mommy is hard, but it’s worth it every second!  I would do anything for my babies (including my furry baby).


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