In the moment–and March Break Madness



One of the many quotes I have come across that, oh so very much hits home.  Living in the present is something I’ve always known to be very important.  In doing so, one can eliminate unnecessary stress and worry about the uncontrollable.

Yes, I will fully admit that I live a life that includes stress.  Many stressors, actually.  Having kids is the most stressful and worrisome thing that a person will ever endure.  Marriage, also brings a whole other meaning to stress.  Insomuch as having a husband means you have a partner to share your life with, it in no way eliminates stress.  It, at times, brings a whole new meaning to stress and difficult times.

It’s in times of stress that I like to remember to bring myself back to the present.  Remember who and what is actually important, and remind myself that you only live once (YOLO!)

My personality has recently been defined as “caretaker.”  I would say that is quite accurate.  My friends and family know I would do anything for them at the drop of a hat, and am always here when they need me, and would never expect anything in return.  Here’s a few things I do to overcome life’s difficulties:

1.  For myself in times of stress, I’ve come to realize that when very few people, or no one at all, knows that I’m stressed, it’s a lot easier to reflect on and manage my stressful situations.  When you rely on others to make it through stressful times, you’re not truly taking accountably - you can at times make it more difficult to resolve the issues that are causing the stress in the first place.  Almost like damage control.  I prefer to put one foot in front of the other, take the steps needed to resolve the issue, and move forward without the requirement or need of an applause.

2.  Being a realist – I’ve found this to be one of the most important aspects in life.  I don’t focus on the negative and I don’t focus overly on the positive.  I view situations and as they are.  If I’m not feeling great or things in my life are not going very well, I own it.  I don’t cover it up and act like my world is perfect.  Being a realist allows people to see their reality, admit fault, and understand that the world is not perfect, and neither are you.  Sugar coating is only lying to yourself and the world around you.  Superficiality.  How is one gaining anything from that, right?

3.  Grounding - I don’t allow myself to get upset or offended very often.  If someone has let me down in some way, holding negative feelings toward them will only create a dark and lonely life.  Letting go can be the most freeing thing you can do for yourself!  (or not letting whatever it is bother you in the first place…)  Maybe this is because I’m a strong  person, or maybe it’s because I remember to live in the moment, and realize that stress is just simply a state of mind.  You could have the weight of the world on your shoulders (which at times I have felt), but when you learn to ground yourself, that weight is no longer a feeling, but simply something that you know you will live through and learn lessons from for the next time.

4.  In summary, YOLO!

Okay, enough with all that – this is how our March Break has begun:

2017-03-09 08.41.59

These two beautiful bunnies on their last day before the break!  And two more sleeps till daddy is home!


James had a successful Triathlon Camp in Florida last week, arriving home Sunday night to two very excited little girls!  The camp has become so successful that James now has up to 10 coaches and support crew, rents 3 massive houses for campers to rent rooms at, and already has interest for next year.  On top of that, LPC is now almost 100 athletes-strong!  James has 3 coaches taking on new athletes, and LPC’s athletes are hitting podium after podium at their races.  LPC has won many Ontario team awards, and the coaches have been recognized nation-wide.  To top it off, LPC celebrates 10 years this year!  Could I be prouder of James? From growing his two-person team, to now one of the biggest and most awarded triathlon clubs in Canada?!  Yep, I’d say I’m pretty proud of him xo17240580_10155138404541204_212639970175298150_o

2017-03-11 20.43.54

Our little ballerinas went to see Ballerina with Meaghan and mommy!

2017-03-12 16.33.56

hehe snap chat….

2017-03-13 17.05.01

What better way to spend the March Break…?

2017-03-13 17.07.13

Than in a massive living room fort!

2017-03-13 17.42.182017-03-14 09.14.19

They even put a calendar up inside!

2017-03-14 12.26.50

The Ides of March are just about upon us, including Jenn’s 40th birthday!  Following by St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with BJAMS in Muskoka at one of my favourite resorts!


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