EDC Showcase 2017

The girls blew us all away in their performances!  I could not have been prouder of both Selena and Annika.  This was Selena’s very first competitive debut, and she was fantastic along side her “gummybear” friends on stage.  And Annika made her solo debut, and absolutely nailed it!  I was a ball of nerves, but I don’t know why… both Selena and Annika are naturals on stage.

The showcase is not actually competing against anyone, it is to showcase the routines, allows the teachers to see spacing and check costumes – a run through of what the judges will see at the competitions.

This was a bit of a defining moment for Selena.. She has been unsure if she wants to continue dance after this year, and we’ve been encouraging her to decide on her own, and we’ll be happy with whatever she wants to do.  She said she loved being on stage so much that now she’s leaning toward staying in dance.  The stage is a magical place, in many more ways than most know!  The confidence that both girls have developed through dance is like no other.  There’s no way I would have been able to do what Annika did yesterday – Performing a Solo, the only one on stage, all eyes on you the whole time.  That’s confidence at it’s greatest!

2017-02-28 17.57.22

Makeup tutorial last week

2017-03-01 19.09.24

Costume fitting for the gummy bears

2017-03-05 09.41.02

Hair, check!

2017-03-05 11.31.04

Hair & makeup, check!

2017-03-05 12.18.01

Excited sisters, minutes before stage time!  These two have such a special bond xo

2017-03-05 14.30.57


2017-03-05 15.34.52

Cousin Love – he wasn’t too sure of his cousin dressed up like this…

2017-03-05 15.35.14

…and definitely unsure of all of them together!

2017-03-05 15.35.472017-03-05 15.35.57

Prep talk from their hip hop teacher!

2017-03-05 16.39.11

They love their Miss Liz – Selena’s jazz teacher and Annika’s Jazz and Solo teacher

2017-03-05 22.30.19

Annika’s Solo – the only stage pics I was able to get.

Photo 2017-03-05, 7 32 47 PM

The director of Emotion Dance Company, and tap teacher to Selena and Annika, Mrs. Michelle, grabbed this photo of all of the competitive dancers before show time!

And, here are the pics that some of the moms from Annika’s group were able to get.

Photo 2017-03-05, 10 04 17 PM

Annika is second from the right

Photo 2017-03-05, 10 04 26 PM

Front and center

Photo 2017-03-05, 10 04 40 PMPhoto 2017-03-05, 10 05 52 PM

Annika is far left

Photo 2017-03-05, 10 06 04 PM

Fourth from the right

Photo 2017-03-05, 10 06 38 PM


Next up… first competition at Waterloo University! 


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