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Interesting week

Well…. wish I could say we all had a wonderful week back to normalcy after the fun times during the March Break.  But… that was not exactly the case.I noticed soon after our return that Mavie was drinking a lot of water, gulping it down.  By the second day, I decided to call the vet.  After numerous blood tests and blood counts, Mavie was diagnosed with diabetes.  Thank goodness my instincts were on point, as this is not a diagnosis you want to let slide.  Mavie’s blood sugar was 30!  That’s high enough to affect vital organs.  His kidney functions came back normal, but his liver enzymes were high.  Insulin was started the next day, and James and my mom came along to learn the injection technique.  Mavie’s vet is fantastic and made us all feel comfortable.  Mavie is now on insulin injections twice a day for the rest of his life.  We caught it very early, so there should be minimal effects, and this should not in any way shorten his life (thank Goodness!)So, add nurse to my ever-growin…

March Break in Muskoka

The Rousseau JW Marriott has become one of my favourite hotel resorts.  They offer many activities and gourmet meals, and the hotel feels like a Chalet tucked away in a little corner of heaven.  It’s so peaceful and rejuvenating, a perfect mix of family fun and relaxation.  Exactly what all of us needed the days leading up to the end of March Break.  Here is a little peak into our adventures the past few days!Of course this is a must when traveling up North!  The iconic Webers stop!Exhausted after our hikeThe most beautiful sunrise I think I’ve ever witnessed woke us up the first morning.  These pictures don’t do it justice!

In the moment–and March Break Madness

One of the many quotes I have come across that, oh so very much hits home.  Living in the present is something I’ve always known to be very important.  In doing so, one can eliminate unnecessary stress and worry about the uncontrollable.Yes, I will fully admit that I live a life that includes stress.  Many stressors, actually.  Having kids is the most stressful and worrisome thing that a person will ever endure.  Marriage, also brings a whole other meaning to stress.  Insomuch as having a husband means you have a partner to share your life with, it in no way eliminates stress.  It, at times, brings a whole new meaning to stress and difficult times.It’s in times of stress that I like to remember to bring myself back to the present.  Remember who and what is actually important, and remind myself that you only live once (YOLO!)My personality has recently been defined as “caretaker.”  I would say that is quite accurate.  My friends and family know I would do anything for them at the drop …

EDC Showcase 2017

The girls blew us all away in their performances!  I could not have been prouder of both Selena and Annika.  This was Selena’s very first competitive debut, and she was fantastic along side her “gummybear” friends on stage.  And Annika made her solo debut, and absolutely nailed it!  I was a ball of nerves, but I don’t know why… both Selena and Annika are naturals on stage.The showcase is not actually competing against anyone, it is to showcase the routines, allows the teachers to see spacing and check costumes – a run through of what the judges will see at the competitions.This was a bit of a defining moment for Selena.. She has been unsure if she wants to continue dance after this year, and we’ve been encouraging her to decide on her own, and we’ll be happy with whatever she wants to do.  She said she loved being on stage so much that now she’s leaning toward staying in dance.  The stage is a magical place, in many more ways than most know!  The confidence that both girls have develo…