Superbowl 2017

What was looking like one of the biggest blow-outs in the last few years, turned into a historic comeback by New England.  Needless to say, David was losing his mind when his team actually turned things around and came back from a a deficit of 3-28 going into the second half.

Have a look at this highlight reel – check out the 4 minute mark – this play is unreal!

Superbowl is a party we look forward to every year, and this year definitely did not disappoint!

2017-02-05 17.53.282017-02-05 17.53.37

Rob’s attire – The Queen, Lady Gaga, performed an outstanding half-time show

2017-02-05 18.52.53

Most of the clan

2017-02-05 19.27.51

Shenanigans (as always in our house…)

2017-02-05 20.51.31

The moms with their kiddies xo


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