School, Dance and other things..


2017-01-24 17.23.30

This is Selena in Acro class, and Annika volunteers as a helper

2017-01-27 13.31.35

Our Starbucks treat after a no-cavity dentist trip! Caramel apple spice, their favourite!

2017-01-29 13.19.27

Hard at work in her solo with teacher Ms. Liz.  This girl has been putting in over 10 hours of dance a week to prepare for the upcoming Showcase.  Selena is working just as hard with her Peewee group, who’ll be performing a jazz number.  Can’t wait to see the performances, I’m counting down the days!

2017-01-28 17.09.39

Trying out one of the many new restaurants in the neighbourhood, St. Louis (Selena loves her Elena Princess Doll – One of Disney’s new princesses!)

2017-01-29 17.11.34

New art supplies from Michaels (one of their favourite stores!)

2017-01-31 08.49.37

This little one just got a B+ on her book report “Ballet School.”  She chose the book, and with the help of mommy and uncle Rob, Annika made this poster and poem, and presented in front of her class.  Brave girl!  So proud of her!

2017-02-03 09.21.22


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