Papa’s Birthday!

We celebrate my dad’s 72nd birthday today!  A family dinner at Mandarin was the perfect setting.  The girls made papa some homemade cards and presents, and we got dad his favourite cake – Black Forest!  I added some extras, too Winking smile


2017-02-08 11.54.09

2017-02-08 21.00.292017-02-08 21.03.08

Annika’s learned how to draw a really good Flower Man!  She told me she ate fast at lunch break today at school to leave enough time to draw this for her papa xo

2017-02-08 21.05.19

Mom took us all out for the celebration! 

My dad’s still pushing through this long-haul chemo regimen – May is the magic month when hopefully we can put all of this behind us.  My dad is the strongest person I know, and has never blinked an eye at what he’s going through.  Our biggest hope and wish this year is for Dad’s health to be back at 100% so he can get outside and do what he loves, running and biking!

Dad’s birthday officially kick-starts the cluster of winter birthdays!  Next up… Mavie!


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