My Valentine

Decided to do something a little extra special this year for Valentines.  Mid-February is always the early start to the busiest time of year for BJAMS – Spring!  I count the days to the beautiful spring weather, but our weekends are always filled.  With James’ Florida camp around the corner, and the girls’ dance schedule doubling to get ready for the comp season, all mixed with the winter viruses going around, we don’t get much time to ourselves this time of year.  Exhaustion wouldn’t explain it most days!  Needed something to kick the winter blah… what could I do to make James feel a little special amongst our crazy – Here’s what I came up with:

2017-02-10 13.43.07

Enso Ring – a ring, symbolizing our wedding band, made of silicone that James can now wear when he’s training.  I got the idea from friends and athletes who wear something similar.  In fact, I noticed these rings on many of the Olympians this past Olympics.

I thought it was a perfect idea for James, who doesn’t like having to go places without his ring (a cute story: When James was soon leaving for Cozumel for a coaching gig he was asked to do for the age-group triathlon world championships last year, he hadn’t been wearing his ring for a while because it had become too small [James was his tiniest ever at our wedding], but didn’t want to travel without it.  He rushed around Guelph trying to find a jeweler who could size it for him in less than 2 days.  Long story short – he found one and had his ring back safe and sound the day before he left).

The word enso has a special meaning, including symbolizing strength, the universe, a circle of togetherness.  It’s a Japanese symbol, the circle is typically hand-drawn to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.  Very similar to what the mind needs and does when active and reaching for our goals.

I wrote the poem attached to one of my favourite photos of our wedding day at the Cottage overlooking Lake Erie.


aaand, here’s what filled our morning xo

2017-02-13 19.09.58

We walked in the door from dance last night to an early surprise from daddy xo Each drawer had a chocolate surprise for the girls – and notice the orchid! 

2017-02-14 09.11.49

Showing off some of our fairly recent upgrades – new kitchen countertops and now our new table xo

2017-02-13 23.28.17

Over the years, James and I have developed the same taste in decor

2017-02-13 21.28.102017-02-13 21.28.03

Some surprises for the girls

2017-02-14 07.31.182017-02-14 07.31.28

And daddy

2017-02-14 07.57.05

As always, heart-shaped waffles on Valentine’s morning

2017-02-14 08.24.34

My world, my everything!  These two xo


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