Mavie’s 10 Years Old!


I can’t believe a decade has come and gone.  Our Mavie hits a big milestone today – and I’m going to confidently say he’s only middle aged right now!  He’s going to stick around for at least another 10 years, fingers crossed!

Anyone close to us knows that Mavie is my shadow.  If I’m home, he has to be in the same room as me, and a lot of the time he is not satisfied if he can’t see me (even if he knows I’m a couple feet from him).  Mavie’s favourite place to sleep all night long is curled up on James’ feet (his feet radiate heat, even in extreme cold).  I wake up every morning to a huge “Mavie Hug,” as I like to call them.  He jams his head into my neck and sometimes almost does a summersault into me.  When I’m not home, Mavie perches himself on his bed at the front door and looks out until I’m back.  He goes into “depression-mode.”  So much so that when people come over when I’m not home, they get concerned about Mavie as he’s a completely different dog.  My mom is his second mom, so when we travel, Mavie loves his second home and treats my mom as if she was me.

Having a dog is one of best things in the whole world.  Many very important life lessons can be learned from a dog.  They teach you the true meaning of selfless love. They teach you how to care of something other than yourself.  Dogs teach you morals without saying a word.  They don’t hold grudges, or carry around bad feelings, or say harmful things.  They are pure, selfless, unconditional love, all wrapped up into a bundle of joy.  For these reasons, and hundreds more, I know I could never live without a dog.  Mavie has been through every milestone James and I have had together – our first new home/mortgage, engagement, wedding, pregnancy and birth of Annika, move to our second home, pregnancy and birth of Selena.  Mavie has always just gone with the flow, as long as he knows where his mommy is.

I cooked him a special doggy cake today and we all sang happy birthday to him.  We took mavie to the pet store and let him sniff to his heart’s content, and James picked out a special new ball for him.  I think we rang his 10th birthday in with style.

Photo 2017-02-09, 3 33 46 PMPhoto 2017-02-09, 3 35 13 PM

“ummm.. please hurry!”

2017-02-09 15.37.59

“more, please?”

Happy Birthday, my beautiful birthday boy, life would not be  the same without you!

2017-01-12 14.27.10

Mavie’s new hiking carrier

Processed with MOLDIV

He loves to Snapchat with me

2017-02-08 14.16.28

When he gets scared, he sits beside my desk chair and stares at me like this until I pick him up (he does this every time someone turns on our treadmill, or if he hears a strange noise in the house)


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