Birthday Weekend

To start, Annika’s dance team was asked to perform as backup dancers to the Mini Pop Kids tour, who were performing at Riverrun Centre here in Guelph.  They had to learn the choreo quite quickly with only a couple rehearsals, but they all pulled it off and looked fantastic on stage.  It was Annika’s very first encounter with some “star performers,” and she said she wasn’t even nervous!

Selena, mommy, daddy and aunt Jenn got to watch everyone shine on stage!

2017-02-18 10.51.572017-02-18 10.53.15

The two minis (youngest of the group) Annika and Victoria!

2017-02-18 13.26.32

backstage prep room

2017-02-18 17.20.09

2017-02-18 14.00.37

And then these pics show some of the fun we had on my birthday, that also fell on Family Day this year!  I’ve never been on a bike on my birthday before!

2017-02-19 10.54.332017-02-20 15.53.062017-02-20 15.57.292017-02-20 15.58.482017-02-20 18.05.272017-02-20 18.11.06

Officially 34 now…. and my brother officially 35 today…. So this is what mid-30s feels like!  Not at all much different than my 20s, except being a mommy is definitely more exciting and very much more fulfilling!!  Through the difficult and tough times, through the everyday mundane times, and through the amazing times, these humans, plus my parents, are my people -  I wouldn’t want to live without them!

I love my family – and to think how fitting it was to have my birthday shared with Family Day this year xo #perfection


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