Back up… Fall birthday Pics


Too many good photos of the birthdays last fall not to post…!


First up… Annika! 

2016-10-07 08.38.542016-10-07 08.44.182016-10-07 15.28.16

Instead of having a birthday party, the girls elected instead to put that money toward a shopping trip to Indigo!

2016-10-07 16.40.102016-10-07 18.34.092016-10-07 19.02.252016-10-07 19.33.082016-10-07 19.42.56


Next up…. Daddy!  Officially in his last year of his 30s

2016-10-31 09.40.11

2016-10-29 17.21.312016-10-29 21.41.54

The highly controversial election was well represented… Hilary on the left, Ken Bone (famous for his sweater and excellent question-asking at the town hall presidential debate, and president-elect Trump!)


Brothers in law


another controversial attendee… Negan from Walking Dead

2016-10-29 17.13.512016-10-29 17.15.01

mishmash of random costumes

2016-10-30 11.48.51-1

This little one lost her first tooth the day after daddy’s birthday!!

2016-10-30 20.34.43

Even Mavie wanted to dress up…

P1280825P12808232016-10-31 19.18.12


And then…. Selena and Levi’s birthdays!!


This guy 2 years old!!!


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