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Nissim and Anat Get Married!

It was a very exciting night last night, celebrating the marriage of two very close friends of ours, Nissim and Anat.  They met and fell in love just one year ago, and knew they didn’t need to waste time.  Nissim proposed on Valentine’s Day this year and the rest is history!!It was our first Jewish wedding.  We got to witness many special Jewish traditions with a splash of new as well.  Anat’s taste in decor was beautiful, too!  We couldn’t be happier for our friends, a true match made in heaven!Nissim affixing the Kippah to James’ head (The Kippah is used as a sign of respect)Traditionally, the men are separated from the women the entire wedding, including reception.  Nissim and Anat decided to only have the separation during the ceremony.Anat’s dad and Nissim’s dad walk him down the isleAnat’s mom walks her down isleWaiting for his bride.  The men fit Nissim in this white jacket and hatThe couple receive many different blessings from different rabbis.There is no wedding party  - and…