Annika has officially concluded her competition year.  Her last dance was in Niagara Falls where we had a girls weekend with nana!  Annika’s jazz and tap group exceeded their expectation for the year, placing 1st at every comp, with the exception of a 2nd place for their jazz in Niagara.  It was a lot of work, both for Annika and us, a lot of expense and weekends filled with dance, but to see Annika’s confidence bloom and drive to be the best she can be has made it all worthwhile.  We couldn’t be more proud of her, and we look forward to what the future holds with both Annika and Selena!

2016-04-21 13.07.372016-04-21 13.08.072016-04-21 14.18.272016-04-23 10.53.042016-05-06 07.40.552016-05-08 13.55.242016-05-08 10.40.262016-05-13 08.38.272016-05-13 08.18.012016-05-13 10.54.43

Selena was such a big supporter for her big sister.  She came to all of the competitions and sat through the long waits excited to see her sister on stage.  She even received this huge candy necklace from the judge during one of the adjudications.

2016-05-13 13.15.26 HDR2016-05-13 13.18.23

Poor Annika was terrified to ride the big ferrous wheel in Niagara, but we were able to calm her down and everything was great!

2016-05-13 13.57.572016-05-12 19.56.382016-05-13 13.30.33 HDR2016-05-13 13.48.102016-05-13 13.54.572016-05-13 14.08.472016-05-13 14.17.572016-05-13 14.19.482016-05-13 14.21.102016-05-13 14.23.112016-05-13 14.44.382016-05-13 14.46.082016-05-13 14.48.072016-05-13 14.59.05

Annika practicing and showing nana her dance moves!

2016-05-13 14.49.032016-05-13 15.30.552016-05-14 17.15.172016-05-14 17.15.302016-05-14 17.17.02

We couldn’t have gotten through this year as easily without the huge support and help from nana and papa!!


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