1st Dance Competition!

Annika competed in her first dance competition this weekend at the University of Waterloo.  It was a fantastically run and well organized event.  Annika and her team had so much fun.  We officially have the first one under our belts, and looking forward to the second comp in two weeks in London!

2016-04-08 11.40.222016-04-08 11.40.422016-04-08 11.45.28

Minutes away from her first performance!

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Jungle Book Themed Production performance by all of the comp girls in Annika’s studio!  They won first overall for this performance, and receiving 5 stars – Very well deserved.  They have been working so  hard for hours every weekend since the fall to perfect this dance.

2016-04-08 14.55.06

4 stars with an 89.1 score for their jazz routine and a special judge’s award for the choreography!


2016-04-09 16.34.28

Posing with her medals from the production routine with her proud supporter, Selena!


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