Birthdays for the Beauty and Handsome Man!

Levi and Selena celebrated together their 1st and 5th birthdays on Thursday!

BJAMS hung out at Chuck-E Cheese before heading over to Levi’s place to give him a birthday hug and kiss!


Mommy and the birthday girl!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago today, David and Jenn were comforting little Levi in his incubator in the amazing hands of the doctors and nurses at McMaster.  Now, Levi has completely caught up to where a one-year-old should be – is crawling, standing and eating like no tomorrow.  We’re all so proud of him and what he’s overcome in the past year – truly a miracle to see him so healthy and happy!!!

The celebrating wasn’t over on Thursday, though!  Jenn and David threw Levi his 1st Birthday party on Sunday where family and friends helped him ring in his first year in style!


The Cousins!


Super proud of his brand new rocking chair from his grandma Bruder (Jenn’s mom)!


Jenn made fantastic teddy bear cupcakes!!




And the grandma Janet’s dressed the same!


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