Exciting things for my brother and I!

First off!!!…. David, Jenn and Levi officially live 1 mile from our doorstep!!!!  They got their keys Wednesday morning and are currently in the lovely process of moving a family….. (never fun…)  Their new place is beautiful - backs on to a horse farm and they get the sunset every night.  And to add to that, Levi will attend the same school as the girls!!  So excited for them!

And the news for me… I’m finally officially able to announce my new job position!  I was offered a job at the medical facility I wanted to be part of when I was going to college, the Homewood Health Centre!

The past few months, since the new contract with St. Joe’s, have not been going as well as I had hoped.  I wasn’t happy with my job for many reasons.  Knowing I needed to do something about my situation; something, somehow drew me to a job posting for full-time clinical secretary in Clinical Information Management at Homewood.  The job title would include transcription and clinical/record management.  Given the 15 years’ experience that I have under my belt, I thought I’d apply and see where it took me.  If it wasn’t meant to be, that was okay too.  The whole process took about 6 weeks to complete, I had two interviews and a test – very similar to the hiring process I went through a few months ago for the hospital contract.  I got the call this week that they were offering me the position, and I signed the dotted line last night!

This will be a big change for BJAMS, but James and I know it’s for the best.  There will be an adjustment period to get through, but we’re both looking forward to all the positive this will bring.  I can’t wait!


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