Big Week!

I made it through alive!!!  not only my first week of my new job, but also the sprint Triathlon in Wasaga!

After what was quite the overwhelming and process overloaded week, we got to spend the weekend at beautiful Wasaga Beach.

On Sunday I took part in the team challenge in the sprint distance.  I felt like the race went surprising well considering I only just got my new bike up and running two weeks ago, and I haven’t swam since the winter, I went 1:25!  I overcame a panic attack in the water and my aerobar bar pad falling off.

I haven’t raced since having kids, and this race reminded me how fun it is, especially racing with a team whose members are so fun and encouraging.  teamLPC rocks!



Best Buddies at Wasaga Beach xo


Some epic/aggressive cheering happening on Saturday during the Olympic distance Tri


yes… I decided to do the famous “before-race-gear shot”  I love the race numbers!



Annika and Selena were mommy’s biggest cheerers!


First 100 meters of the bike… still had one foot out of the shoe, and my aerobar pad had just flown off…


Kinda really hurting… but finish line 200 meters ahead! 


Leanne brought Rumour and their newest addition, Gambit.  What a great picture of the cutest puppy!


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