Adventures in Camping 2015

We officially survived our very first camping trip!  The kids were troopers and so was my “non-camper” Jamsie!

We camped at Cyprus Lake in Tobermory.  I’ve never been up that way and wanted to see Flower Pot Island and Indian Head Cove and Grotto.  We took a glass-bottom crusader boat out to the Flower Pots where we hiked around half the island.

After we set up camp at Cyprus Lake, we took the kids down to the beach where they could stand up 50 meters out, and watched the pretty sunset.  We had a bonfire, sparklers and smores and to sleep we went.  Despite a few noisy neighbours, we managed to catch a few zzz’s and woke up ready for our big hike to the Cove!

It was a fantastically beautiful trail – but the black flies were out with a vengeance at the water.. so much so that we couldn’t stop for more than a few seconds to snap a couple pics.. in fact, most of the pics I got were when we were literally running… attempting to save ourselves from the torture of the hoards of black flies.  Both Annika and Selena handled it like pros.  At one point, I looked down at Annika and she had at least 60 flies on her back… poor thing.  Despite an almost-turned ankle on my part, a few scrapes and bruises and panic-like fury with James using almost a whole bottle of bug spray, we got ourselves out of the breading ground and back into the trails – where apparently the black flies don’t venture to…  Somehow, we made it out with next to no bites!

Thank goodness for cell phone cameras… I forgot our good camera but our cell phones did their job!

Some of my favourite pics




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