Nike Women Toronto 15k

An absolutely fantastic 24 hours in T.O!  Ran my butt off and had my fastest ever run over 5k!  Somehow managed to hold 5:35 k’s for the entire race.  It was a super fast, flat course and cooler than normal temps (with a little rain added in, too).  As expected, my legs decided to slowly give out at about the 11 km mark (I didn’t get any training runs in over 10 km).  I was banking on race-day endorphins to get me through those last 2-4 km!  Which they did Open-mouthed smile

This race was supporting Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, so I dedicated this race to my dad, who is one of my biggest supporters in anything I do! xo

A huge thanks to my parents for looking after the girls for us (they even had to get the girls through their second dance dress rehearsal!)  And to Dale and Rob for hosting us and showing us their beautiful condo and amenities (I’ll be vising more often – it was like a luxury hotel!) and for coming out, in the rain on a ferry to the island and surprising me at the finish line!  And to my husband for supporting me and cheering me on not only in the race but being my motivator for a lot of my training runs/jogs Smile with tongue out over the past few months.  It felt so good to finally do something for myself… it’s been a while since I’ve been able to properly take care of myself, it’s feels good to be slightly back in shape again!


Love my race shirt!  and my boys!


Expo fun!


Race-ready on the early morning ferry ride to Toronto Island


If you look hard enough, you’ll see the finish line behind me!  Such a beautiful race venue!


This was 200 meters from the finish,  I was so excited to see my buddies!  I didn’t think they were going to make it, especially in the rain (Nike girl gave us two free ferry tickets!)  With the amount of runners and spectators present (20,000 plus), I didn’t except to see anyone until after the finish xo


They had motivational boards everywhere – this one was one of my favourites!


The prettiest, most functional finisher’s medal ever!  I’ll actually wear it!  This is a Tiffany’s Sterling Silver engraved necklace – for ever finisher!

and here are some race day photos, complimentary from Nike!  What a fantastic experience! I may not do this distance again, but I will definitely look for another Nike race! Outstanding in every respect!


1.5 km to go… my legs were very “ouchie”


“My did it!” – as Selena would say…


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