Garden of BJASE

Our garden is in full bloom this year, it’s almost looking somewhat mature!  After 5 years of seeing my babies grow, the plant mama in me is so proud – Zen-like lunches in our backyard are so wonderful!


This hydrangea will soon be a big, bright pink bloom


Our Lilies seem to have overcome our hungry rabbit “Sparkles” this year – she’s seems to be sick of them and is now munching mostly on the odd weed she can find.


These Lilies border our Magnolia – which I planted purposely so that they would bloom soon after the pink flowers fell off the magnolia – I wanted to have pink in our garden all summer xo


The baby lavender I planted in late summer last year has almost grown to full adult size (usually takes three years)


Our beautiful Clematis comes back each and every year – I’m always concerned that it has died after our harsh winters (it never looks healthy in the spring) but this beauty flowers almost the whole summer!


Hen and Chicks (see her little ones sprouting in the lower right) One of my favourites!


walk-way  to Garden of BJASE


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