Mother’s Day

Could not have asked for a better Mother’s Day!  I love my family so much!  I think this is the hottest Mother’s Day that I can remember, which added to the awesomeness of the day!

We dragged my mom out to all-you-can-eat sushi at Cherry Blossoms, then back to papa nana’s to play some Frisbee with papa, hang with Levi, David and Jenn for a bit, then to pick up some baseball gear for Annika’s first game of the season on Tuesday, then back home to play ball, play monopoly, watch some Frozen, play in the rain, plant some flowers – all combined with lots of smiles, giggles, hugs and kisses.  I loved today!

I’m so proud and lucky to have the two most beautiful girls inside and out to call my daughters, I love them beyond comprehension.  I also feel so fortunate to celebrate this day with my mom every year.  She truly is the best!

To top off the day, Nana in the sun made her appearance  – after attempting many, many shots, trying to sink the soccer ball in the basket (flower pot)in our backyard (a game that James has come to love), he was about to give up and even announced that he was never going to get it in because it was too far away – just then he reminded all of us what nana in the sun always used to say to him – “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  The very next shot sailed right into the basket.  I love the way nana in the sun makes her very special appearances and reminds us how close she always is to us.  She sees, listens and guides us - even when we least expect it.  We love you, nana in the sun ♥


This Allium (chive) grass is from the cottage garden – it somehow magically survived the brutal winter outside in the pot I had it in.  I planted it last week and it already has some buds.  I won’t use this for cooking – I just really like the purple flowers it produces, which will likely bud in the next couple of weeks.


Lily of the Valley – this has tripled in size from last year – and mom told me today that this was my Grandma Huddy’s favourite flower!  She had them lining the side of their house in Woodstock



Three flowers left on our Magnolia.  It bloomed beautifully this year!


That furry thing at the top left is the bud that has already formed which will not bloom until next spring.


Angel in my lavender garden


Springtime buds


One of the new flowers I potted today.


Her new mitt


Concentration – attempting his “shot”


Just for giggles… had to post this video for anyone who hasn’t already seen it, or needs a little laugh.  So very accurate… gotten love all the “tough” husbands out there Smile


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