Annika’s 1st Baseball Game–Minor Mite

This deserves it’s own post….!  A little story of Annika’s very first baseball game of her life.

We showed up thinking a practice was going to happen before the game…. we were wrong….  With minutes to the start, we casually roll in.  Meet the coach and the umpire announces the game is going to begin.  The coach had Annika at the top of the batting order!  (keep in mind, Annika has never actually played a game of baseball… she played blastball 3 years ago… which didn’t include playing an official game on a diamond)  Annika hasn’t held a bat in 3 years and has never really properly swung a bat.  She didn’t even know what the home plate was!  I thought she was going to refuse to go…. but!… brave little Annika marched up to the plate, I had her swing a few times and showed her where her feet go.  So there is… little Annika in her stance, staring at her coach who is about to throw the ball to her from the pitching mound (also keep in mind that Annika never played t-ball, just jumped right into someone throwing a ball at her).  She got her 5 strikes and she was out, but nonetheless, she was so proud of herself, and so were we!  Next inning was the same thing, 5 swings and she was out.  But Annika was still all smiles!  I decided to pull her aside with my dad before her next at-bat to give her a few more tips and get used to “watching the ball.”  She finally made contact in our little practice… and…. her next time up, she got a hit!!!  Ran to 1st base so proudly.  Her teammate up next ended up hitting a homerun, so Annika even got a run for her team!!

Not only did she accomplish her very first hit, but Annika also played 3rd base, 1st base, pitcher (standing next to the coach whose pitching to their own team) and outfield.  She caught a few groundballs and was learning the concept of throwing the ball to the base to get the running out.

It sounds rather silly to be so proud of her over a little baseball game, but I know how much courage it would have taken for her to jump into a game that she knew very little about and do it with so much confidence.  Most adults would have struggled with what Annika conquered yesterday.

After the game on the drive home I asked Annika if she was scared when she had to bat first… she said “ya I was scared and I tried really hard not to cry.”  You would have never known this watching her up there, trying her hardest.  She is our little superstar.  I can’t wait to watch her progress over the summer and fall in love with a game I loved so much growing up!

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Annika and her teammate Megan



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