7 Years Married

To my man, Happy 7th Anniversary xo It’s really hard to believe 7 years have passed by so quickly, and how much we’ve accomplished together in these 7 years. It hasn’t always been smooth-sailing, but honestly what good team has every had anything easy… The bond between us grows stronger every year. We’ve learned together what compromise, understanding and patience truly means xox A 1-mile race at City Hall, a drafting clinic, 10+ people crashing the night, bbq, tri clinic in winter-type weather, dance class, dance rehearsal, 7th birthday party, surprise semi-retirement party for my mom, team photo shoot in our living room and roast dinner at my parents… all packed into our anniversary weekend. This is our life! and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I can’t wait for tomorrow to celebrate our “day,” even if it is a day late this year. Love you babe xo

 A perfect day, 7 years ago

One of my favourites from our day


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