Springtime Things…

This spring seems to be bringing some interesting things and changes to BJAMS!  The kids and I surprised James and showed up to support him this weekend at the LRUTS run.  The times seem to be changing regarding local races, so we are not sure about the future of this event, but it’s been a good few years and didn’t want miss it!


I can officially announce that I have been chosen to race the first ever Women’s Toronto Nike 15k!  I registered myself in the draw and was one of many who were chosen to race this event.  A few things drew me to this event, but the deciding factor was finding out this race was benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.  My dad fought this yucky disease – and thanks to his amazing fighting spirit and miracle chemo drugs, he has put himself into full remission.  Without the research team affiliated with this society, my dad may not have been able to fight this disease.  I’ll be proudly running for him on June 14!



Our poor baby boy had to have a cyst removed today… it’s been bugging him for a while, so I reluctantly agreed to have it removed.  It will heal up just fine and he was a major trooper for the procedure!


he had his stuffy buddy with him the whole time, and fell asleep sitting up on the car ride home xo


Ouchie… Sad smile

And…. I am currently in the process of transitioning to a new job.. My mom was informed about a month ago that her contract with St. Joseph’s Hospital was coming to an end.  A much bigger company was granted the contract and is taking over all of the dictation and transcription for the hospital.  Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to apply for a position with this company.  My skills were put to the test after a somewhat grueling interview and testing period, I got through and will officially be contracted through Accentus/Nuance.  A big change for me, but I’m thankful for the opportunity and we’ll see where this takes me…


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