PINK’s dress

This is one topic that I seem to be so sensitive to.


I’ve thankfully never been affected by any type of eating disorder – but I know how serious and horrible this illness can be.  I wish people could realize that even the smallest comments focused on someone’s looks can contribute to this illness.

I am always quite flabbergasted at the amount of people in this word who focus on weight.  I’ve had the opposite comments – “you’re too skinny.”  These type of comments are never ok.  People may think that calling someone “skinny” is ok.  Why is the comment even made in the first place?  I don’t like it as much as another doesn’t like being called “chubby.”  I’ve banned the word “fat” from our house, and also banned any comment or conversation based on weight in front of my girls.  I don’t want my two beautiful girls to think that body image or weight is ever something of concern.  Because it’s not.

I don’t control my body weight – I eat what I want, when I want – most days I’m eating all day.  The human body will gain weight and lose weight – why is that such a concern for people?  I don’t understand?

For those of you who are about to make your next comment about another person’s weight or looks – STOP AND THINK!  Keep your negative, judgmental comments to yourselves.  There is never a place for these comments.  The person who you are about to judge is more than likely living a happier life than you.  How about we eliminate the topic of weight altogether.  This world could be a much happier place if we did.

Props to Pink for standing up for what’s right.  I hope this has made people think twice before judging.


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