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You have no idea the complete truth of this until you’re a mother yourself… It seems, the intensity of every human emotion doubles once you become a mom.

Florida and Back!

The kids, my dad and I travelled together again to Florida for a week where we met James and John at Orange Lake Resort.  We arrived late Wednesday, in the middle of James’ tri camp (which this year reached record numbers and was a massive success!)  We were lucky enough to spend some time with Aunt Esther and Gary (John’s sister).  Esther gave the girls a beautiful engraved bracelet and jewlery box set.  Annika has warn hers every day since, she’s so proud that it has her name on it!  Thanks Esther and Gary, you’re so sweet and thoughtful!Since this trip was possibly the last for a while at Orange Lake for the kids and I, we maxed out most of our time in all the pools throughout the resort.  We ventured to nearby Downtown Disney and Disney’s Boardwalk – we left the parks for another trip, maybe next year when we’ll stay at a Disney resort (or cruise…) and experience everything right at our fingertips!Here are a few of my fav pics from the trip!So proud of our rock-climbing queen!  Sh…

The trails

A little fun in the trails this morning… hoping will be one of the last snow-covered hikes for a while.Best buds ♥Sisterly talkhe loves this weather.. not too cold, not too warm… just right!The beautiful backdrop to many places in our backyard trailsdecided it was time for a backrub on the ice…Our beauties!