Super Bowl and Winter fun

Yep….we’ve been busy!  And now time for my favourite month of the year!


David was a little excited that his team took home the Bowl!  Not only that, but David also won the grand prize in the pool that we all bet on (based on the score of the game)!  And Levi somehow managed to stay asleep the whole game through the very loud chaos happening around him…


One of the most exciting Super Bowl games I’ve seen! (James and Kids MIA – having a dance party in the basement)  Katy Perry’s halftime show was quite the hit…



These pics are about a month old, but the snow-day yesterday resulted in some pretty awesome snow drifts – our backyard currently has snow drifts taller than me!


Selena was invited to a birthday party and look who showed up!

Auntie Steph and Brian’s birthday bash! – Their birthdays are one week apart!

photo 2

Rob and Dale were visiting over the weekend and brought some pretty awesome things for the girls.  Annika:  “you mean, we’re allowed to write on the windows, mommy?” hehe!  Mommy:  “yes, honey, these are magic pens”


So adorable – Teabag man…thanks Rob and Dale!


Teacher Rob helping Annika


Uncles are so much fun!


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