New Living Room!

My dad, for as long as I can remember, has always bought his weekly lotto tickets.  He’s won little amounts here and there over the years, but this past December he had some extra special luck!  He had 6 of the 7 numbers!

With his winnings (while not huge, but nonetheless a very nice amount), and being the incredibly generous and awesome person that he is, my dad decided to give David and I a portion.  James and I almost immediately knew what we were going to put our money towards!!  Here is what my dad’s gift helped us to get!

20150119_183550 (Breanne-PC's conflicted copy 2015-02-23)

Before (some how this picture eliminates the true nastiness of the carpet….)



Karsten, Meaghan and Nissim helped with the tedious job of pulling the 100s of nails out of the floor…


Kyle so generously did this job for us!  Thank you!!


It’s not easy doing renos with a family of four….our kitchen/diningroom was filled with our living room contents for almost three weeks…


but…. so worth it in the end!  Thanks Dad!!  We have the living-room that we thought we needed to wait a couple more years for xo


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