Happy Birthday, Dad!

It’s a milestone birthday for my dad today, it’s hard to believe he turns 70 today!  It would be very, very difficult to guess that if you didn’t already know.  Not only is my dad young at heart, but he’s kept himself in tiptop shape.

There are too many things to list as to why my claim that he is the best dad in the whole is true, but the list could potentially go on forever, so I’ll summarize:

Nothing has ever been more important in his eyes than his two kids and my mom.  He’s been a perfect dad and now perfect granddad to my kids.  He will go out of his way to shower us all with love, in every language (for anyone who has read “The Five Love Languages,” my dad unconsciously - since he has never read the book or known about this concept - covers all of them – which is a concept used with anyone you love – husband/wife, child, family member, friend, etc.)

My dad could be lying in bed with a cold (that one of the girls most definitely passed on to him), but if he’s told Annika and Selena he’d be picking them up from school, he’ll crawl out of bed to never break a promise (even at my mom and I’s insistence that he stay in bed!)  He loves to see the girls’ excitement when he’s bought them a new toy, and will jump at the chance to lend a hand to us, or our constant request to borrow one of his many handy tools or his van to pick something up.

He is the person that we all turn to because we all know he will be there for us.  To have a person like this in my life is very special and I never take that for granted.

We love you dad xox (and age is just a number, anyway…. )



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