It seems that the past two years have escaped me… did I not just turn 30 a few months ago???  Since I’ve decided that this year marks the first year of the “reverse birthday”, I’m technically just turning 30 now, so I guess that explains where the past two years have gone.

We had a five-birthday celebration on Saturday – Dad, me, David, mom and Jenn (with birthdays that span Feb 8 – March 15).  This is the winter clump of birthdays, and now we wait until the end of September when Grampy initiates the first of the fall birthday blitz – which includes Grampy, Annika, James, Selena and Levi – spanning Sep 24 – Nov 19).

James took us to Niagara for a very nice little celebration.  We stayed in the same room as we did on the mini honeymoon we took after our wedding.  It brought back some sweet memories of when Annika was growing in my belly and we were coming down from all the wedding blitz excitement.

The girls are growing into great little travellers!  We’re looking forward to finally being able to add more family trips into our schedules… after waiting patiently over 7 years, it’s exciting to know we’re transitioning into our “older kid” phase of life now.  Which, although is much, much easier (in my opinion) than the infant/toddler phase, it comes with it’s own challenges – each day we learn more and more from each other - adjusting, understanding and patience seem to be in high demand at the moment!!

Ok, back to the birthday talk – this would have been my mother-in-law, Elena’s, 70 birthday!  She and my dad would have had a big celebration, hitting this milestone birthday together xox  In spirit, we celebrated with her

Here are some photos taken over the past weekend fun!


James took me to the new Bread Bar restaurant – which is located next to the Running Works’ new location and a new market grocery – a perfect fit for downtown Guelph


A little game of “Cupcake Party” before bedtime…


This was actually taken on my dad’s birthday.  The girls and I picked him and my mom up at the train station holding this birthday sign!  Annika and Selena worked hard to make it very pretty!


The cake for our celebrations!


He’s growing!@


Cuddles while not moving more than a few feet away from baby Levi – Timmie has claimed the ‘protector’ role for Levi


The boys talking run/tri stats…


This tea infuser tumbler that my parents got me is amazing – keeps my tea warm for up to 8 hours!


Wanted to get in on the picture (below) but couldn’t bear stepping foot in the slush to get there…  Solution:  Bend over and give up on life…


James’ snow flakes!

and… since apparently it’s official, had to post this vid:


and this one’s pretty accurate too.. Smile with tongue out


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