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New Living Room!

My dad, for as long as I can remember, has always bought his weekly lotto tickets.  He’s won little amounts here and there over the years, but this past December he had some extra special luck!  He had 6 of the 7 numbers!With his winnings (while not huge, but nonetheless a very nice amount), and being the incredibly generous and awesome person that he is, my dad decided to give David and I a portion.  James and I almost immediately knew what we were going to put our money towards!!  Here is what my dad’s gift helped us to get!Before (some how this picture eliminates the true nastiness of the carpet….)During…Karsten, Meaghan and Nissim helped with the tedious job of pulling the 100s of nails out of the floor…Kyle so generously did this job for us!  Thank you!!It’s not easy doing renos with a family of four….our kitchen/diningroom was filled with our living room contents for almost three weeks…but…. so worth it in the end!  Thanks Dad!!  We have the living-room that we thought we needed…

Nurse mommy

The amount of virus and infections that have gone through this house in the past month has made me feel like a part-time nurse…!  Here’s the list between Annika and Selena:- Stomach virus (most likely a form of Norwalk)- Chronic cough turned into sinus infection- Pink eye- Cold sore- Ear infection- Ingrown nail/infected fingerThe viruses going around this winter have been strong and very contagious… it’s too bad they can’t invent an immunity bubble for kids to live in over winter to shield away all of these bugs   The girls’ school has had a couple of days with over 100 kids absent because of illnesses.  When is summer going to be here??????


It seems that the past two years have escaped me… did I not just turn 30 a few months ago???  Since I’ve decided that this year marks the first year of the “reverse birthday”, I’m technically just turning 30 now, so I guess that explains where the past two years have gone.We had a five-birthday celebration on Saturday – Dad, me, David, mom and Jenn (with birthdays that span Feb 8 – March 15).  This is the winter clump of birthdays, and now we wait until the end of September when Grampy initiates the first of the fall birthday blitz – which includes Grampy, Annika, James, Selena and Levi – spanning Sep 24 – Nov 19).James took us to Niagara for a very nice little celebration.  We stayed in the same room as we did on the mini honeymoon we took after our wedding.  It brought back some sweet memories of when Annika was growing in my belly and we were coming down from all the wedding blitz excitement.The girls are growing into great little travellers!  We’re looking forward to finally being…

Family Weekend Celebration!

I look forward to this weekend every year!!!  It just so happened that Valentines Day fell on it, too!  There’s nothing possibly close to how thankful I am for my family.  I love these people!James woke me up to one of my favourite traditions!…. McDonalds brekkie on Valentine’s morning Some special yummy treatsHeart cookie decorating with Aunt MeaghanOur little reader… Morning stories in bed.  She was very excited to get a set of Fancy Nancy books!!Family trip to Ikea led to an “adult Lego” party (as James is referring to it).  This is only one of the many things James is currently still putting together!James can now proudly display his treasures…Our beautiful family!Family snuggles!Totally legit smile!Uncle James xoSelena wanted to be swaddled and cuddled like LeviTo make this weekend even more special, I was asked by Jenn and David to be Levi’s Godmother ♥  I couldn’t be more proud and excited to accept!  I couldn’t be more in love with this little guy xo

Happy Birthday, Dad!

It’s a milestone birthday for my dad today, it’s hard to believe he turns 70 today!  It would be very, very difficult to guess that if you didn’t already know.  Not only is my dad young at heart, but he’s kept himself in tiptop shape.There are too many things to list as to why my claim that he is the best dad in the whole is true, but the list could potentially go on forever, so I’ll summarize:Nothing has ever been more important in his eyes than his two kids and my mom.  He’s been a perfect dad and now perfect granddad to my kids.  He will go out of his way to shower us all with love, in every language (for anyone who has read “The Five Love Languages,” my dad unconsciously - since he has never read the book or known about this concept - covers all of them – which is a concept used with anyone you love – husband/wife, child, family member, friend, etc.)My dad could be lying in bed with a cold (that one of the girls most definitely passed on to him), but if he’s told Annika and Selena…

Super Bowl and Winter fun

Yep….we’ve been busy!  And now time for my favourite month of the year!David was a little excited that his team took home the Bowl!  Not only that, but David also won the grand prize in the pool that we all bet on (based on the score of the game)!  And Levi somehow managed to stay asleep the whole game through the very loud chaos happening around him…One of the most exciting Super Bowl games I’ve seen! (James and Kids MIA – having a dance party in the basement)  Katy Perry’s halftime show was quite the hit…These pics are about a month old, but the snow-day yesterday resulted in some pretty awesome snow drifts – our backyard currently has snow drifts taller than me! Selena was invited to a birthday party and look who showed up!Auntie Steph and Brian’s birthday bash! – Their birthdays are one week apart!Rob and Dale were visiting over the weekend and brought some pretty awesome things for the girls.  Annika:  “you mean, we’re allowed to write on the windows, mommy?” hehe!  Mommy:  “yes,…