Monday, January 19, 2015

Two Months Old!

Happy Two-Months to our handsome Levi today!  The little man has been home from the NICU since December 31 (a perfect  New Year’s Gift!).  He’s been growing and staying healthy, and weights over 6 pounds now!  He’s been keeping his mommy on her toes at night… poor Jenn is a little bit sleep-deprived (…. or actually, a lot..)

Annika and Selena have been so excited about their new cousin.  This weekend Annika was excited to hold Levi!  She’s going to be a great mommy one day – she’s already asked me when she’s allowed to have a baby…..


Saturday morning at nana and papa’s


She’s got such a genuinely caring and nurturing heart ♥


Selena… a little perturbed that sister was  holding Levi for the picture Smile with tongue out


…and then there’s Timmie – who will not let any man go near Levi without freaking out and giving the stare-down.  David went to give Levi a kiss and this was Timmie’s reaction haha!




And then to David and Jenn’s on Sunday!  Annika made Levi some presents and was showing him the art she drew him – so adorable!



She sat with him like this for over an hour


‘Just chillin in my muslin wrap’

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