Happy New Year!

We rung in the new year in style with friends!  Meaghan and Karsten came for a tame night and lots of  laughs over “Cards Against Humanity!” and a great cheers at the stroke of midnight!  Our second bash (belated two days) included our very first visit with baby Ava!  Miro and Coleen brought Ava Tot into the world eight weeks early, on October 18 (the same day that James proposed to me seven years ago).  Ava had a 38-day NICU stay at Grand River (the same hospital baby Levi was eventually transferred to).  Ava is doing fantastic, it was so nice to finally meet her ♥  All these tiny babies are giving me baby-fever! (but… no… we’re not having another one…) Winking smile


The girls! (just missing Ava) – Selena, Annika, Gwyneth and Emma.  What a concidence that two of James’ close friends (Miro and rob) have all had girls!

James and I, as always, celebrated another year together (our original anniversary was New Year’s Eve)!

Can’t wait to see what this new year brings!  I never overdue my resolutions, and by the end of the last few years, I’ve been really happy with what I’ve/we’ve accomplished.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and Tranquil New Year!


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