Friday, December 5, 2014

Selena’s Birthday Fun! and Levi!

Only a few weeks delayed… but here they are.  Our little four-year-old had a blast!

First of the celebrations was Niagara Falls!P1250984


Three-storey waterslides that extend outside the building!  Super fast and super fun!!


Wave pool fun!



I’m 4!!!!!!!



Thanks to Nana and Papa, Selena now has a scooter just like her big sis!!


And this Minion backpack speaks for itself…Meaghan and Karsten know Selena well!


and… little did we know that 24 hours after this picture was taken that Jenn would go into labour!  and four days later meet baby Levi!

The little man has had some little hurdles the past week, but he’s a fighter and is doing great!  He’s been on bowel rest since last Saturday, and docs will start feeds again at day-10, which is next Tuesday.  Then the weight-gain game begins!  IV has been switched to PICC line because of superficial veins not holding the IV (poor Levi got a chemical burn to his foot because of an IV slip…)  He is already over two weeks old!  We’ll see how much longer this hospital stay will be, but things are pointing to a January discharge.  My bets are on January 8!  We’ll see!  Here are some pics I took yesterday of beautiful baby Levi ♥


I swear he was smiling at me!



Seriously… so cute!


Little teddy-bear.. look at those biceps!


Snuggles with mama – Kangaroo care, the best care there is!  What a little bundle, I love him!!!!

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