Just call me Mrs. Fix-It!

I’m not one to ever toot my own horn, but over the past year, my list of house fix-ups is becoming quite large! 

1.  Valentine’s day morning 2014 (how could I forget the day of this disaster… who has ever put their head inside a drain pipe on Valentine’s morning?!) – our bathroom sink decided it was going to stop draining and almost overflow.  If you’ve ever de-clogged a bathroom sink drain, you’ll know that it’s not an easy one-step job… but… had it back up and working within an hour!

2.  Our kitchen sink water pressure decreased to almost nothing.  With a few tweaks here and few unscrews there, back to full pressure in no time!

3.  Our inside garage door started slamming against the frame and wouldn’t stay shut; kept setting off our door alarm.  I now known how to put a door handle together and how all the weird-looking pieces and locking mechanisms function, and our door seamlessly shuts without slamming and our alarm is no longer being set off every few hours.

4.  Flushing pressure on our toilet was barely flushing the water.  This turned out to be an easy fix, but still, it was a toilet and had all the grossness involved with figuring it out!

5.  Our washing machine suddenly decided it wasn’t going to drain the water anymore.  I now know where the drain and filters are and how to de-clog all of that nastiness…. working perfectly fine again Smile

Seriously…how much in repair-man fees would all of these fixes have cost??!!!!  Quite proud of myself – and I think my dad would be too!  It pays to watch your dad fix things while growing up!!  Even if a lot of the fix-ups involved a few (or a lot) choice words… right dad!!!!  LOL!

Maybe I should add a Mrs. Fix-It service to my Tranquil business Smile with tongue out


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