Christmas Concert and Updates

Annika and Selena performed in their school’s Christmas concert on Monday and Tuesday.  Adorable production and job well done by all students!


and nothing stops our girls from doing what they want… biking in the middle of December with snowsuits!!


Off to nana and papa’s we go!


Levi update:  The little guy has been doing amazing!  After his bowel rest, they started him slowly back on NG feeds and has been tolerating them like a champ!  He now weighs just about 5 lb (4lb,14oz).  As of Tuesday, they took his PICC line out and moved him to a crib!  If he continues to gain weight and regulate body temp and stay clear of any signs of NEC or infection, he’ll be transferred to Kitchener!  He’s been placed on the transfer list and could be as soon as this Friday (Dec 19 – one month old!!!)


“Hi mama!”


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