Christmas Cheer!

It has come and gone again… hard to believe!  We are so blessed to have had a healthy, exciting, non-stop, fun year!  As always, we’re looking forward to what the New Year has in store.

The kids are busy exploring and playing with all of their new toys and games (they were spoiled again by Santa, family and friends!)  Here are a few pics and a video of the fun we’ve had the past week!


First stop was the cottage


Then to Detroit to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze show at the Fox thanks to Char and Grampy


Char invited some extend family to dinner afterwards (John’s half-brother, John, and his wife and kids)


While the adults did the boring inside stuff…. the kids and I did the fun outdoors stuff.  Selena’s first time on ice and she was as pro as a 4-year-old gets!

The girls got their baking and craft-time fix


While watching the kids play in late morning on the sand with the very calm water, I took a picture of the sun rays peaking down on the lake.  Have a look at this mysterious red-winged dot hovering over the water.. has to be nana in the sun!


Getting fueled for our fun at the water park! (she wore those goggles the entire time we were in the mall)


Adventure Bay is as good as it gets for a community indoor water park!  Annika was brave enough to go down the slides by herself!  Selena was just shy of the height requirement for the slides.. but we’ll be back next year when she can join in on all the fun.


James surprised me with this beautiful Pink Sapphire eternity ring on Christmas morning.  This eternity rings completes my ring set – signifying our eternity together and the pink of course signifying our beautiful girls ♥ This rings holds a lot of meaning ♥


Baby Levi has been transferred to Grand River Hospital in Kitchener (a level 2 hospital).  He’s still doing great and growing big!  He was sporting a pretty awesome Santa suit on Christmas eve ♥


James likes his new shoes…


Papa’s always so much fun!


Thanks to Nana and Papa, Annika will be baking and knitting on her own with a brand new Easy Bake Oven and Loom Knitting Kit


A big fat BJAMS family dinner!  Ribs and Chicken with all the fixin’


being super dorky…

BJAMS Christmas 2014 from Breanne Loaring on Vimeo.


…..“my tired…”


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