Welcoming Baby Sharratt xox

The past three days have been anything but relaxed… to say the least.  Here’s how it has gone!

On our drive back from Niagara (where we took the girls to celebrate Selena’s birthday), I got a text from my mom who said that there were a few things that caused the doctors to want to keep a closer eye on Jenn.  At that point, I didn’t think much of it and knew she was in good hands.

Later that evening, I got another call from my mom that some of the tests revealed it was best to keep Jenn on bed rest and to be admitted to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton.  With the snowstorm starting and my dad not feeling too well, I drove my mom to meet David so she could drive with him while Jenn was being transferred via ambulance from Cambridge Hospital to McMaster.

With updates galore from my mom, Jenn was stable, the baby was healthy and all was good and they were keeping her there to keep a close eye on things.

Tuesday morning, my mom and I spend the day at her bedside, keeping her and David company.  We left with Jenn feeling good, but still full bed rest.

Wednesday morning, after packing the kids up and ready to walk them to school, the phone rings and mom is telling me that baby could be coming.  In minutes, we’re again driving to Hamilton, this time meeting David halfway since he had gone into work that morning.  We got there with Jenn’s labour slightly progressing (something that the doctors were attempting to hold off).  We spent the morning and afternoon with them, and by the time we left, Jenn again was stable.  We had a text code for David to use if for whatever reason they had to take Jenn in for surgery quickly, so we knew to jump in the car right away.

Little did we know what was to come….

Got home in time to celebrate Selena’s birthday with mom and dad, Karsten and Meaghan.  As the kids were getting ready for bed at 7:45pm, David sent the code!  I dropped everything, told my mom to get over right away.  Less than 30 minutes later, my mom, dad and I were at the hospital with Jenn’s mom waiting for the news.

Baby Sharratt was born at 8:51pm on November 19, 2014.  Weighing 4 lb, 1oz (amazing weight for a baby born at 30 weeks, 2 days gestation), officially sharing his birth date with Selena.  Proud daddy came out to share the news and before we knew it, we were congratulating the new mom and seeing the perfect little boy, all cozy in his new home in the NICU.

2014-11-19 20.47.51


Baby Sharratt is already breathing on his own and doing absolutely fantastic!!


Being an aunt is one of the most amazing feelings in the world!  I am so grateful for this little boy, we are truly blessed to add this little one to our family.  It’s amazing what a new life feels like.  Nothing else in this world can compare to the feeling.  Nothing else matters… it really doesn’t.  I’m so happy for my brother and sister-in-law.  The amount of love surrounding them is impossible to comprehend.

Special thanks to my awesome Jamsie who allowed me to be on-call for three days straight and drop everything to get to the hospital ♥  And to our beautiful girls who excitedly and patiently asked about their new cousin every time mommy stepped in the door.  Selena will have an extra special bond with her new cousin who she officially gets to celebrate her birthday with.

Proud Auntie right here!!  This little one has no idea what he’s in store for Open-mouthed smile  Kisses and hugs and cheek pulling and all that comes with crazy aunt Bre!!!!!!


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