Belated Halloween Birthday Celebrations

Yes… I am two weeks late on this post!  Life seems to be moving at double time right now.

To summarize:  westMONSTERrun was a lot of fun again this year!  We finally had a day of good weather.  We’re looking forward to next year’s race that will take place on Halloween Day!  and hoping for a big crowd of lots of costumes!  Had a fun little pre-halloween bash at BJAMS afterwards.



James and I have been watching Breaking Bad – My dad has a remarkable resemblance to Heisenberg!! (notice his blue meth in the background Winking smile)


Halloween Day flew by – Daddy got birthday kisses and hugs in the morning, mommy got to spend the morning helping in Annika’s classroom with craft centers, the kids rushed home into their costumes and spent 2+ hours running from house to house with Emma, Caomihe, Caitilin and Ciaran!  …and the day wasn’t over yet!  Off to Meaghan and Karsten’s Halloween bash after the kids were in bed!

2014-10-17 15.53.33

Annika as Frankistein (Monster High)


..and Selena as a Minion



We had a fantastic family hike at Rattlesnake Point to top off the birthday celebrations.


Yes… that is Selena climbing the rocks with a broken arm!  Awesome!


LOVE the orbs in this picture! ♥



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