It happened…

LICE… Oh my word!  I can honestly say it has been the most disgusting thing I have ever had to do… pick these gross little creatures and their nasty little eggs, out of Annika’s hair, while at the same time freaking out that I have them and scratching my head like crazy.  Thank goodness these disgusting little things are harmless, but holy man, the most disgusting, disturbing thing EVER!  After eight hours of picking through Annika’s hair, I am still finding little eggs in there.

Thankfully, my parents came to my rescue (as always!), bought the lice treatment for us and made the whole process a lot easier.  I have no idea what I would have done without them… James was in Ottawa, I didn’t have a car (and wouldn’t have wanted to put Annika in the car after realizing she had these things in her hair), and I was on the verge of a complete panic attack (I don’t do well with crawling creatures that resemble anything close to a spider – Lice have six little disgusting legs and look like a clear spidery grossness).

I will be, from now on, dousing Annika and Selena’s hair with tea tree oil, hairspray and anything I can to keep these critters away when they’re at school or camp.  The most nastiest thing I have ever had to deal with, combined with the fret that I haven’t disinfected the house enough.  12 loads of laundry and counting at this point…  GROSSSSSSS


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