Biker girls

We officially have two super cool, super awesome, super fast biker girls in this family!

These two girls love their bikes so much that they can’t be outside without them!  Any walk we take, any morning tea on the porch or gardening the front… they are on their bikes, up and down the sidewalk, until mommy says its time to go in.  Selena has taught herself, over four days, how to efficiently glide like a pro on her bike, and almost keep up with her big sister!

And look at the new perfect bike helmet hairdo!


I taught myself how to do this side Dutch braid on Annika, and realized how perfect it was for biking when she put her helmet on!


Timmie does NOT like it when Annika gets too far ahead…  He needs his sidekick close by at all times!


Annika can proudly ride her bike standing, off the seat now!  She told me today that she thought only “big kids” could do that…


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