ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I took this great opportunity to start to teach Annika what awareness is (…that we are very lucky to live where we live, be healthy and have the things that we have – and that not everyone is that fortunate), and how donations to charities can help to find medicines, provide support and nourishment to people around the world who need it, and even sometimes cures for very bad sicknesses, and how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has done that in so many ways.  Annika was very excited to take part in the “viral” ALS ice bucket challenge.  I showed her the following video and she excitedly accepted the challenge!  Little Sister Selena was even excited too, (although admittedly, Selena didn’t quite understand the meaning…. it was just a fun excuse to play with ice and water in a huge bucket Winking smile)


..and here is Annika and Selena’s challenge!

Papa and Nana showed up just in time!  Annika and I helped papa complete the challenge!

Donate, pour some ice water on yourself, or simply spread the word!  It all matters!!


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