Camp and summer stuff

Today marks the last day of summer camp at the Salvation Army for the girls – Today, they get to visit the splash pad and have a pizza party with their new friends and teachers!  They took a hike to the park, went to the Donkey Sanctuary and Springridge Farms this week, and many more activities, crafts and games.   Highly recommend this camp, it’s been great for the girls!  They couldn’t wait to get out the door every morning!


The girls proudly posing in their new outfits, ready for camp this week!

Since daddy is away working, us girls plan on having some much needed girlie time this weekend.  Will take some pics along our adventures this weekend and post next week.

Last, but definitely not least, the girls’ last day of daycare was at the end June… for two years, the girls had what I called their second home - many adventures and fun times with their daycare provider, Dianna.  She was wonderful – had park visits almost every day, took walks (even in –15 degree weather), did crafts every day, and many more fun things.  Thanks to Dianna, Selena is more than ready for her JK year, starting this September.  We love you Dianna!! ♥



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