Our Little Graduates

We have two proud little graduates on our hands!  Selena graduated from the Salvation Army Nursery School, and Annika has graduated into grade 1!!  Come September, we will have two full-time students.  Annika will become the “big-sis protector” at school to her little sister Selena, who starts JK.  We’re so proud of our little scholars ♥

Annika’s Graduation was held at Colonial Park where the class performed some songs and skits they have been working on all year!

Photo 2014-06-18 10 07 35 AM

She loved her teacher Mrs. Mencfeld – who gave Annika the “Good Friend Award.”  Annika is posing with her best-friend Caoimhe.

Photo 2014-06-18 10 11 11 AM

Selena got to go up on stage to receive her certificate and “prize” for completing her nursing school year, and proud big-sis is her biggest support!


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