Special Day

Yesterday, we celebrated the name day of my late mother-in-law, “Elena.”   In Greece (and many other European countries) they not only celebrate birthdays, but also, and sometimes to a bigger degree, their name day.

To make this year’s Elena name day even more meaningful, I received my Advanced Level Reiki certificate and attunement.  After having had to reschedule a couple of times, the final date that worked for everyone landed on May 21.  It wasn’t until I was confirming with my teacher that I realized that there was a special reason why the class was being rescheduled Winking smile  (no such thing as coincidence!)

Why so much excitement?!!

I  have always felt that Elena has been part of this spiritual/healing adventure of mine.  It all started back in my childhood when I was told my Aunt Carole, when  she was younger, read Tarot cards.  This was so interesting to me and for a while in my teen years, my friends and I played around with witchy stuff/voodoo dolls/Ouija boards (little did I know at the time that these things are more along the “dark side” of things).  But, it was all just for fun and no harm was done!

It wasn’t until January 2006 when I saw a medium (Sandy), that I really started to understand how all of this energy/spirit stuff really worked.  Long story short:

--I waited a year to see Sandy.  By the time she called, I had just started a relationship with James; who at the time had only lost his mom two years prior.

--I was very excited for my appointment with Sandy, thinking that maybe my grandma would step forward.

--Not only did I get both my grandma and grandpa Sharratt saying hello, but the first energy that Sandy was sensing was a middle-aged woman.  I had to tell Sandy that I didn’t know a younger woman who had passed.  As a medium, she explained that usually when the person doesn’t recognize the energy , that energy steps back.  But, this energy was standing strong and would not budge.  I said very tentatively, “it might be the mother of my very new boyfriend.”  BINGO!  That was it….

--Since I had never met Elena and at the time didn’t know very much about the Loaring family, I had no clue if what Sandy was saying was accurate.  Later, James listened to the recording of our sessions and confirmed the accuracy.

At this point, many may be thinking “this girl is crazy for believing this stuff.”  Convincing or expecting people to understand will never be necessary for me.  All I know is, it makes me happy, I have felt and seen the positive effects of energy in many forms, and I know that the ability to help people is something that I’m drawn to!

To all of the Elena’s out there – Hope you had a wonderful Elena Day!


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